AR15 Buffers

Your AR15 buffers are key to the cycling performance of your carbine. Our AR15 buffers are 100% made in the USA and available in several configurations. Find the right buffer for your build here!

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  • AR15 Buffer - H3 from White Label Armory

    AR15 Buffer—H3

    Three tunsten weights give Outerwild's H3 buffers about as much weight as you can pack into them. Pe


  • AR15 Buffer - H2 by White Label Armory

    AR15 Buffer—H2

    Perfect for fine tuning your AR, the extra weight of the H2 can help with overgassed rifles or just


  • AR15 Buffer - H1 from White Label Armory

    AR15 Buffer—H1

    A little tungsten goes a long way. With one tungsten and two steel weights, the H1 aids in feeding a


  • AR15 Buffer - Carbine from White Label Armory

    AR15 Buffer—Carbine

    Outerwild's buffer is manufactured to Mil-Spec dimensions and fits all standard AR15 carbine buffer